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Set amidst the beautiful Suffolk countryside, Hintlesham Golf Club is a par 72, 6586 yard parkland golf course providing a great challenge for players of all abilities. Whether playing golf, planning a special event or simply coming up for a relaxing drink or bite to eat, you will always enjoy a friendly welcome.

Hintlesham Golf Club is situated within the village of Hintlesham which is ten minutes from Ipswich, and approximately 70 minutes from London by car.

Award Winning Clubhouse

Hintlesham Golf Club is a superb wedding venue to hold wedding receptions and evening celebrations for up to 140 guests. With planning services, outstanding hospitality and a license for ceremonies, the Club provides a superb venue for bride, groom and guests alike.

Our welcoming and friendly service along with our wall of windows overlooking the course provides a winning combination and romantic setting for a memorable occasion for any celebration.

Xanax Cheap