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General Manager

Catherine Swan has more than 20 years of comprehensive hospitality experience, with 15 of those years as Operations Manager at Hintlesham Golf Club before moving to a different role in 2014 as the Events Manager at Milsoms Kesgrave Hall in Suffolk. Catherine joined Hintlesham Golf Club in April 2017 as General Manager, overseeing the day to day operations, our weddings, corporate meetings and functions ensuring excellent customer service and the smooth running of Clubhouse events.

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  • 01473 652761

Henry Roblin

Director of Golf

Henry is responsible for ensuring that the golf side of the business runs smoothly; working with members, visitors, societies and corporate visitors. Henry takes great pride in stocking the pro shop with some of the best golf clothing available. Henry became a golf professional in 1992 following a very successful amateur career including a win in the Sun City Million Dollar Amateur event and shooting an opening round of 71 to match the score of the eventual winner (Ian Baker Finch) during the 1991 Open Championship held at Royal Birkdale.

Deborah Roblin

Club Director

With a background in hospitality & catering, having studied Hotel Management and then subsequent years of learning all aspects within the industry, Deborah’s drive and determination in conjunction with her plethora of knowledge has given her the edge when it comes to making sure the club is run proficiently and to a very high standard.

Sophie Collins

Office Manager

Sophie graduated in 2008 with a BA in Sociology & Criminology however she has worked in hospitality since she was sixteen and has shown flair and enthusiasm for the industry. Sophie joined the team in December 2013 as Assistant Food and Beverage Manager specialising in running corporate functions.  Moving from the food and beverage side of the business to dealing with all the golf clubs administration, her time spent at Hintlesham has given her a wealth of knowledge which comes into play with the day to day running of the office.

Paul Duncan

Head Chef

After several years abroad, Paul has returned to Suffolk and has joined the Hintlesham Team with thirty years experience in catering. Paul and his team create different styles of food from wedding functions to large banquettes as well as producing classic bar snack food daily and very much enjoys using local ingredients and produce.

Hilary Beale

Wedding Co-Ordinator

Hilary has joined us after completing her University course at Canterbury Christchurch. Although she graduated with an International Relations and American Studies degree she was drawn to a career in hospitality after being part of an events team during her studies. Hilary brings with her great enthusiasm and is looking forward to meeting the bridal parties ensuring they have the perfect day at Hintlesham Golf Club.

Scott Thompson

Head Greenkeeper

Scott has been with the company since 2007.  His career in the industry started at Ipswich Golf Club working as their Assistant Head Greenkeeper before moving onto Ipswich Town Football Club as Deputy Head Groundsman.  In 2007, his decision to move back into the greenkeeping aspect of turf management brought him to Hintlesham as Head Greenkeeper and with his abundance of skills, Scott and his dedicated team of groundsmen have in a few short years transformed the course into what it is today, one of the best in the region.