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Phil has been part of the golf club since 2002, starting his golfing career as a Junior Member. Over the years Phil has had great golfing success. He has won the Club Championships twice and a number of Suffolk Order of Merit events. Phil has regularly represented the Suffolk County First team and proudly they won the English Counties Cup (the first time for 150 years). Phil is looking forward to encouraging the emerging golfing generation and helping others to improve their skills.

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  • 07826 521617

Joe Cardy. AA PGA Golf Professional

Joe Cardy is a ‘AA’ PGA Golf Professional. Joe specialises in coaching golf and with a vast client base, ranging from beginners to elite amateurs (including the Suffolk county first team) and fellow professionals, he is experienced in his field and sees great results. Joe’s passion, knowledge and personality means his students enjoy a first class experience whilst receiving all the tools they need to improve.

Kevin Carpenter. PGA Golf Professional

Kevin has been with the company since 2006, starting his golfing career as a junior member at Colchester Golf Club. Kevin’s career has enabled him to become an inspiring golf instructor and after watching the first ever ‘World Trick Shot Championships’ Kevin developed his own unique and interactive trick shot show which he now performs not only at Hintlesham but all over the world. Xanax To Buy