We stock most of the best brands in golf including Titleist,  Galvin Green, Footjoy, ProQuip,  Volvic Vivid, Bushnell,  and Motocaddy as well as branded Hintlesham Golf Club accessories.

We also offer a comprehensive selection of ladies golf clothing and we try to select the best from the seasonal ranges to cater for most tastes and budgets.

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We have 12 electric buggies and 2 electric trolleys available to hire for the round or the day.

To avoid disappointment prior booking on 01473 652761 is recommended.

Equipment HireNon MembersMembers
Golf buggy (per round) £25.00£20.00
Golf buggy (per day)£50.00£40.00
Set of clubs (per round) £15.00£12.00
Electric trolley (per round) £10.00£10.00
Electric trolley (per day) £18.00£15.00
Pull trolley (per round) £4.00£4.00
Pull trolley (per day) £6.00£5.00

Golf Personnel

Henry Roblin- Director of Golf
Joe Cardy- PGA AA qualified
Phil Westley – PGA qualified
Kevin Carpenter – PGA qualified

Opening Hours

Monday – Friday  8.00am – 6.00pm  8.00am – dusk
Weekend  7.00am – 6.00pm  7.00am – dusk

Contact the Golf Team

Telephone: 01473 652761
Email: Where To Order Xanax Online Forum