We recognise that the amount of effort required to arrange a wedding is considerable whether you have twenty guests or one hundred and fifty. It is your big day and you want everything to run smoothly for you and your guests.

That’s why we try and be as flexible as possible when helping you arrange your day. However, we also try and keep things simple where we can. The process to discover whether Hintlesham Golf Club will be the right venue for your big day and to secure your booking works a little like this:

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  • Attend an appointment where you will meet one of our team and be shown all of the golf club’s facilities, example menus and more detailed information if necessary

  • Review availability either at the appointment or at a later date

  • If you would like to book the Club for your wedding ceremony it is advisable to check that the Registrar is also available for the same date and time that you would like. Where To Order Xanax Online Forum for list of Registrar offices & contact details. Please note that the waiting period for your wedding application can be between 28-70 days

  • If you would like a Sunday Luncheon to taste our delicious food, we can offer this to you at the discounted members price

  • Book your Registrar before paying your deposit to make sure that you have the date that you would like if you are planning on using the Club for your wedding ceremony

  • Confirm your booking and pay a non refundable deposit to secure the required date for your wedding day

  • Meet with one of the events team nearer to the wedding day to arrange the key details and to co-ordinate tasks leading up to the big day

  • On the day, your designated wedding coordinator will be there ensuring that everything proceeds as planned